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 Your Center for Implementation Leadership 

Get Results: Taking Ideas to Execution

Get Results gives you a practical, usable method that takes ideas and plans into reality.  The best strategies and initiatives are only ideas until they are executed and business results are achieved.  This program provides the tools, processes and mindset necessary to get things done.  Participants develop an implementation plan for their own project, initiative or strategy.  In the process of developing their plan, they learn how to assess their readiness to implement, set a clear direction and priorities, engage stakeholders and measure and monitor business results.


Get on Board:  Rapidly Assimilating New Managers into Your Organization

This customized and culture-specific program reduces turnover and is an effective retention tool.  New managers become more effective in how they get their work done within their business unit and within the company at large.  The focus is on building an effective network, understanding what relationships and conversations are critical and on navigating the politics, decision-making and power dynamics of the organization.


Be Accountable:  How Individuals, Teams and Organizations Become Accountable

How do you get someone to want to be accountable?  Accountability is something every manager wants someone else to have.  This research-based program focuses on the three key drivers of accountability:  Purpose, Authority and Knowledge.  Managers will learn how to develop, communicate and connect the business purpose of tasks and projects to the jobs of individuals and the overall business strategy of the company.  They will determine the appropriate level of authority to delegate to staff and learn how to assess, develop and encourage the knowledge base of their people.  Managers will assess their own teams, work tasks and projects to determine on which of the three key drivers they must focus.


Managing in a Flat World

Most organizations accept the fact that we live in a flat world and that globalism is reality.  Managing globally demands a new way of thinking that challenges our assumptions about where and how work will be done, as well as how we need to relate to each other in the workplace in order to be successful.  This program exposes managers to a variety of approaches to solving global business problems, working collaboratively across national boundaries, producing business results in a global context and leading seamless global implementation.


Assessing Organizational Accountability

Many executives want their people to be accountable, but are frustrated when no one steps up to the plate.  Customer needs are not met, products are late to market and revenue targets are missed.  This customized and client-specific program uses the three drivers of accountability to assess what is enabling or inhibiting employees' willingness to be accountable for their work.  It is designed for intact senior management teams.  The program focuses on what needs to be done to incorporate the key elements of accountability into the organization.  Leaders will leave this session understanding how to engage the organization in creating a workplace in which people are willing to consistently be accountable and drive business results.


The Team Accountability Survey

This simple 25-question survey quickly measures the presence of the three key drivers of accountability (Purpose, Authority and Knowledge) within an intact work group.  It can be used as part of an offsite meeting or teambuilding activity, as well as for a managers's own assessment of a team.


The Organizational Accountability Survey

This 14-question survey is designed to assess large groups of employees and first line manager attitudes towards accountability, and to identify blocks preventing them from assuming accountability.  It is a source of information for our program Assessing Organizational Accountability.  It takes no longer than a few minutes for participants to respond.


IQ The Implementation Quotient

This 27-question survey enables a business leader to assess self- and organization readiness for implementing a specific initiative or strategy.