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 Clarity. Accountability. Execution  

Get on Board:  Making Key Talent Successful in New Positions

This customized, culture-specific program is an effective means for retention that not only reduces turnover but acclerates the success of key talent in new positions.  New managers become more effective in how they get their work done within their business unit and within the company at large.  The focus is on building an effective network, understanding what relationships and conversations are critical and on navigating the politics, decision-making and power dynamics of the organization.

Get on Board consists of:

  • a process to streamline ramp up time for newly hired or promoted
  • a framework for goals, assessment & accountability
  • a means to improve communications and social networking
  • a model for productive peer-manager feedback and coaching

We achieve this by:

  1. Developing a profile of the existing culture accompanied by the changes which will impact it (positively and negatively)
  2. Conducting sessions that jumpstart a manager's working relationship with staff
  3. Leading group coaching sessions for as many as ten new managers, structured in time and frequency as makes sense
  4. Giving assignments which must be completed between each coaching session
  5. Providing individual coaching, as desired


Get Results: Taking Ideas to Execution

Get Results provides a practical, replicable method that turns vision, strategy and objectives into reality.  The best strategies and initiatives are worthless unless they are executed and achieved.  This program provides the tools, processes and mindset necessary to get beyond planning and the potential mis-steps of execution into concrete, desired outcomes. Participants develop (or bring) their implementation plan for their own project.  In developing and scrutizing the plan, they learn how to assess their readiness to implement, how to set a clear direction and priorities, engage stakeholders and measure and track business results.

IQ :The Implementation Quotient

Within Get Results we administer our own comprehensive survey which objectively illustrates the readiness of the executives, team and overall organization to implement a specific initiative or strategy.


Get Global: Managing Virtual, Distributed and Outsourced Teams

This program engages managers to address their specific challenges of working productively across cultural and geographic boundaries while attempting to lead and produce business results.  Business, cultural and economic trends demonstrate that it is becoming a flat, global world.  Most organizations and their managers know this, say it and accept it.  But...can they do it?   Managing globally demands a new way of thinking that challenges our assumptions about where and how work will be done, as well as how we need to communicate in order to work well. Outsourcing is an accepted and essential practice but can be rife with service and quality problems and increased costs - not the savings anticipated.  This program get managers to do more than just list the issues and share their pain - it allows managers to draw upon experience and techniques that work in an evolving global workplace.

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Accountabilty: Team and Organizational Surveys

Achieving accountability needs to start with an objective understanding of what is working well -- and not -- in your organization.  Toward that end, we have developed two different surveys to help you quantify the issues and gain the clarity you need to address them.  The first is a a straightforward 25-question survey that measures the presence of the three key drivers of accountability: Purpose, Authority and Knowledge.  

The second survey is only 14 questions but it will assess large groups of employees and first line manager attitudes towards accountability, and to identify blocks preventing them from assuming accountability.

These surveys can be used as standalone tools for your own purposes such as kickoff meetings for new projects, mid-stream assessments of services/people or off site strategy and team building sessions.  We use these surveys part of the comprehensive services we provide to build accountability within our client's organizations.

Accountability:  Bringing Individuals, Teams and Organizations To Collective and Consistent Results

How do you ensure and foster accountablity so it becomes inherent in your organization?  Does it seem person specific?  Do some people in your organization model this this effortlessly while others erratically miss deadlines, blame others or are unable to stem the negative impact of their lack of accountability on the bottom line of the business? 

Our first program focuses on three key drivers of accountability: Purpose, Authority and Knowledge.  Managers will learn how to develop, communicate and connect the business purpose of tasks and projects to the jobs of individuals and the overall business strategy of the company.  They will determine the appropriate level of authority to delegate to staff and learn how to assess, develop and encourage the knowledge base of their people.  We train and shadow managers as they assess their own teams, work tasks and projects to improve accountability exponentially in the company.

Our second independent program uses the three drivers of accountability to assess what is enabling or inhibiting employees' willingness to be accountable for their work.  It is designed and customized for senior management teams.  We focus on what needs to be done to incorporate the key elements of accountability into the organization.  Leaders will leave this session understanding how to engage the organization in creating a workplace in which people are willing to consistently be accountable and drive business results.

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